What is Peak Oil ?


Over the past 150 years, demand has been driving the supply of oil.

‘Peak oil’ is the point at which the world oil supply begins to dictate demand.  In other words, we will go from having as much oil as we can use, to using as much oil as we can – but increasingly not enough to maintain present use.

We would like Seaton to be able to embrace the fact that Peak oil will be reached (soon if we are not already there) and prepare for our existance beyond that time.

The World oil reserves will some time soon, hit their production peak. From that point on, the extraction of oil lessens daily and becomes increasingly expensive and difficult to extract.

This downward trend will continue until one day in the near future, it will take a barrel of oil to extract a barrel of oil.  A completely pointless exercise!

Oil will never run out – we just won’t be able to extract and use it any more.

‘Peak Oil’ can be seen described in the above sketch.

Positive Action

It is not all doom and gloom!  There is a way forward!

As James Howard Kunstler put it: ” In effect, throw away communities, in order to save a few pounds on hairdryers and plastic food-tubs, never stop to reflect on what was being destroyed by the take over of supermarkets and lack of localisation”.

Power of consumer in mass, can answer many issues.  It is our only tool and we should use it!

A third of all Britons are ignoring calls to save the planet by recycling.  A government poll revealed that 11.5million can’t be bothered!