Climate Change


Most forms of energy we use, produce CO2.

The amount of CO2 produced roughly equates to the amount of energy used.

Therefore, use less energy and emmit less CO2!  SIMPLE!

What is global warming ?

Global warming means the whole planet is getting hotter – the air, the sea and the land. It started about 50 years ago and is expected to continue.

What causes it ?

Over thousands of years the Earth has gradually heated up and cooled down for reasons we don’t properly understand. But the recent, very rapid warming is caused by burning coal and oil. This gives off carbon dioxide, which traps more of the sun’s heat.

What is wrong with global warming ?

A few very cold areas may benefit – but most of the world will suffer very badly. Warm countries will get very hot and have serious droughts. Storms will become more violent and the sea level will rise – so swamping coastal areas.

But growing plants get rid of carbon dioxide. Will that help ?

It helps a bit, but not enough. We are producing too much carbon dioxide for plants to handle. Also, the droughts that are coming will reduce the number of plants everywhere.

So, what can be done ?

We must use as little energy as possible and stop using oil and coal. We can make electricity and keep warm with power from the sun, the wind and the sea. Burning wood is OK, as long as we replant what we burn.

By James Semple

The planet is warming up, and the majority of the World’s scientists say that human beings are causing it – By burning fossil fuels.

Most of what we do in our lives can create carbon dioxide, but there are measures that we can all take to reduce our impact.

  • Take a train or cycle rather than use the car.
  • Holiday in this country or us a boat rather than flying.
  • Buy locally produced food rather than supermarket offers.

Other harmful gasses include Methane – 20 times as bad as CO2 – they create ‘Global Warming’ and are called ‘Greenhouse gases’.

For every kilogram of fuel put into a car, 3kg of CO2 is emmitted from the exhaust pipe!

We all need to reduce our ‘Carbon footprint’ and there are many calculators online to help with this.  The main thing is not to become obsessed and unhappy in what we do…

If we are reducing in several areas dramatically, then we can allow ourselves a treat  for special occasions without feeling guilty.  If you really want to go abroad, have UK holidays for several years to make up for it and go for longer when you do go!